Strategy PTA


We support organisations seeking to create or refine their strategies and execute them effectively.

We offer a full range of strategic services.

We have in-depth experience of strategic work in the public, private and voluntary sector, ranging from small to large organisations.


Strategic Leadership

There are reasons why leaders of organisations don’t think before they plan, usually lack of time.

Successful strategies require two things:

1 Time invested in thinking about the strategy
2 Leadership from the top


We equip leaders with the ability to think strategically.




Strategic thinking is about opening the mind to possibilities.

It does not have to take up lots of time!

But it is worth having some thought about different courses of action to achieve your strategic objectives before you get to the planning stage.

And other key people can be involved in that thinking.


A good leader has the ability to articulate a vision, to create the right environment, to motivate and enthuse people, and to make sure everyone understands what’s going on.

We work with leaders to:

  • Build organisational momentum
  • Become adept at using strategic tools
  • Take the mystery out of strategy for employees

Strategic Vision

All organisations need a vision.

We assist clients to create a simple and meaningful vision that people can understand.


Creating the vision:

  • It’s important to involve all key people, internal and external, to get their views.

  • It must link to existing values.
  • It must be easy to communicate.
  • It forms the basis for setting strategic objectives.
  • All stakeholders must buy-in to the vision

We assist clients to nail that vision, whether they are starting from scratch or redefining their position.

Strategic Choice

Making the correct strategic choice is fundamental to your success.

We provide the tools and techniques to enable organisations to choose the right strategy.


Choosing the right strategy involves:

  • Determining stakeholder priorities
  • Using tools to make the right choice (Johnson/Scholes FAS tool, 4 E’s tool)
  • Building on internal capabilities
  • Ensuring there is a fit with global trends
  • Stretching your organisation, embracing new opportunities
  • Getting ideas from your key people

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning involves the step by step approach that delivers the vision and strategic objectives.

For many organisations, the strategic plan is the key document which incorporates all aspects of strategy.

We enable your organisation to plan in a way that delivers the strategy.


Successful planning includes:

  • Clarifying the strategy, its focus, its impact
  • Stakeholder participation
  • Making sure what’s decided at top level gets translated to every level
  • Having a degree of flexibility in the process to accommodate emerging strategies
  • Utilising business models (balanced scorecard, 7-S model and others)
  • Making sure operational people have the means to deliver the strategy

Note – planning takes place after strategic thinking, analysis and choice – see other sections of this website.